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VG Tool .V3.6, the best unlock tool

What is VG Tool .V3.6?

VG Tool is a Unlock tool developed by VG to Unlock FRP on Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, and Xiaomi devices. It allows users to scan ports, read device information, remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock, and enable ADB (Android Debug Bridge) mode for both new and old models. By using VG Tool .V3.6 developed by VG in 2024, users can easily manage their Samsung devices and access advanced features.

Features of VG Tool .V3.6:

  1. Scan Ports: This feature allows the tool to search for available ports on the device, ensuring proper connection.
  2. Read Information: With this option, users can obtain basic information about the Samsung device, such as model number and software version.
  3. Remove FRP Lock: The tool effectively removes the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock, providing unrestricted access to the device.
  4. Enable New ADB: By enabling the new ADB mode, users can perform advanced debugging and development tasks on their Samsung device.
  5. Enable Old ADB: This option enables ADB mode for older Samsung devices, allowing advanced debugging and development functionalities.

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