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What is The ROM?

In the context of operating systems such as the Android operating system used by Samsung phones, “ROMs” refer to the software that manages the device. In this context, ROMs consist of the core software that runs the device, as well as basic applications, backgrounds, settings, and modifications made by the device manufacturer (such as Samsung) on the base system to provide a customized experience for the user. They are sometimes known as “stock ROMs” or “factory ROMs” and come pre-installed on devices when purchased.

There are two main types of ROMs for Samsung devices:

  1. Stock ROMs: These are the official versions of the software that come with the device when purchased. They are known for their stability and reliability and contain official updates released by Samsung.
  2. Custom ROMs: These are modified versions of the software developed by independent developers or communities on the internet. Many custom releases offer customized experiences for users, such as additional features, performance improvements, and updates newer than those provided by Samsung.

Additionally, there are Combination ROMs used for maintenance and testing purposes. They contain core system files and are used by maintenance technicians for specific purposes such as removing FRP (Factory Reset Protection) locks and others.


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